Proofing Process Image

The Proofing Process

September 16, 2012

Many clients don’t really understand how us designers work and how we turn their supplied word files into the things of rare beauty we produce on their behalf.  Here’s a little insight that could potentially make the whole process smoother. The first thing we do is strip it out of word and (hopefully) we won’t […]

Logo File Types

August 20, 2012

It is the absolute bain of a graphic designers life to work with the incorrect file format for clients logos. The emails back and forward, the explaining, in laymens terms why a 72 dpi logo grabbed from their website is not good enough for their exhibition panels (or even their business card for that matter) […]

Photograph of Baloons originally shot on film

First Nanamee Sale :)

July 10, 2012

Got my first sale on nanamee today!  This is a photograph from a course I did way back in black and white film photography (hence the noise).  We were studying colour and how it translates to black and white. Glad to see it’s of use to someone out there.. somewhere! You can see the other […]